Organic Garlands

A long cluster of randomly-sized balloons, it’s a fabulous way of highlighting a feature of your event or even dressing railings and columns.
Prices start at $25 per foot. Plus delivery and install.



Balloon arches are mostly used to show an entrance or an exit. Balloon Arches can also be used to highlight an area such as a stage, a photo op, or a gift table. Prices start at $17.50 per foot.

Balloon Wraps

Tired of just gift wrapping your gifts or gift bags? Why not try something different? Try a Balloon Wrap. A special way to present a gift. Prices start at $25.


Celebration Displays

Balloon Marquees are a fun and long lasting alternative to a traditional helium filled balloon bouquet. They are colorful and come in both a table top size and as a free standing floor display. Prices start at $120 


Twisted Floral Bouquets

Twisted balloons grouped together in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Can be in a box or a balloon vase. Prices start at $50.


Twisted Sculptures

Twisted sculptures come in a variety of different styles. Release your imagination and let us create your unique design.
Prices start at $35.


Number Towers

Large balloon numbers on a base, used to display the age with accent balloons in the color of your choice. Measures over 5’ tall. Prices start at $125.