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About Balloon Chica


Balloon Chica is all about meeting the decorating needs for events big and small! Whether you have a need for something small for a ‘just because gift’ or something large like an arch for an event, we are at the ready to fulfill your balloon needs! We’re dedicated to providing you with the very best balloon sculpture that exceeds your expectations. We take pride in ensuring that every idea is taken into consideration when creating your sculpture. If there is no specific sculpture in mind, we offer a selection of previous sculptures to build off.
Founded in 1989, Balloon Chica has come a long way from twisting at local birthday parties. When Maria, the Balloon Chica herself, first started out she was working for an entertainment group portraying children’s characters. Feeling limited with this group and a growing passion for balloon twisting, she decided to take the plunge and thus created Balloon Chica. Her passion for twisting and working with children shines in the sculptures she creates as each piece is made with patience and dedication. We hope you enjoy the artistry that Balloon Chica produces as much as she enjoys creating it for you!

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